Geraldine from London asks……

Dear Lauren, A man called John has contacted me. I’m wondering why he’s had my profile, but I haven’t had his?

Lauren says……..

Hi Geraldine many thanks for your question. It’s one I get asked quite a lot so it’s very useful to have the chance to answer it here.

You will receive John’s profile at some point during your membership. But you don’t always receive each others profiles straight away. That’s because members are on different membership levels so some people receive profiles monthly, others bi-monthly, and the rest quarterly.

For instance – If you join in January, on our Silver membership, you’ll receive your first batch of profiles in February. You may then receive a profile of someone who doesn’t have yours and this is because they either had their profiles the month before – i.e. in December, or they aren’t due another mailing from us until March.

If John has had your profile but you haven’t received his, there’ll be a box in the corner of your profile page that will be un-ticked, so he’ll know to send you a copy of his profile when he contacts you. However if you would like his profile all you have to do is give us a call, and we will send this onto you by e-mail or post.

I hope this helps but do give me a ring if I can help further!