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Open to God

It’s my passionate belief that as Christians we have access to the maker of the Universe – to a God who can do absolutely anything. He can move mountains – and do things in our lives that are wondrous and ‘unbelievable’ to non believers.  I’ve seen Him move and act in many people’s lives – I’ve seen incredible prayers answered – and I’m sure I’m not alone here.

And yet I know in my own life – I do have a tendency to keep God at a distance. I let him into my life just as much as I want – I’m like a little child who is a little afraid of giving up the sticky sweet in my hand when the adult tells them they have a beautiful gift to give them.

And I’m sure I’m not alone here. I think many of us go to church, do good works, say our prayers but perhaps aren’t as fully connected to the living Lord as we could be. I remember going on a retreat once and being told at the beginning that the retreat was about conversion. I was a bit affronted as I was definitely a Christian and didn’t think I needed converting. However after the week I saw how right the retreat leader had been.  Our whole journey of faith is about growing ever closer to God  – about a continual conversion of our hearts away from ourselves and towards Him. It’s all about becoming open to God!

And this isn’t something we can do on our own generally. That’s why we have our church communities, that’s why people go on retreats, read Christian books, find a spiritual director etc. All of these things help us to grow closer to God.

I know God wants to be a key player in every part of our lives – and particularly in the things that matter to us. Things like finding a soul mate. It matters massively to Him and he cares about this issue greatly. (If it didn’t we certainly wouldn’t have the Adam and Eve story right at the beginning of the bible!) And like everything in our lives, God wants to be let into this area of our life – if only we’d let Him in.  And yet sometimes we don’t know what ‘letting Him in’ really means.

This is why we’ve worked so hard over the last couple of years to produce a resource which would enable  Christians who are searching for a soul mate to find a new way to let God into this area of their lives.

Click here to hear more about this resource by video

I can’t stress enough how amazing this resource is – I genuinely think you shouldn’t go forward in your search for a soul mate without it – which is why I’m so keen for you to hear what Sheila says about it so you can hear it from someone else (and not just me!). It’s not that I think that God won’t be helping you in your search for a soul mate without this resource – I just know the resource will enable you to let Him into your life in ways that you can’t imagine right now.  It’s like the conversion experience I had on that retreat.