kate and prince william royal wedding

Kate and William – it could never happen to me!

Bar one or two humbugs, I’ve not met or spoken to many people who didn’t watch or in someway enjoy and appreciate the Royal Wedding of Kate and William last weekend. Personally I lapped it all up, watching it on TV and then celebrating with a barbeque with friends and family afterwards. Whatever you think of our Royal family and having Royalty in our country, the event was one of such joy and pleasure that only the hardest of hearts could fail to be moved. And unlike the wedding of Charles and Diana, this really was a fairly tale wedding – just like the fairy tales that we read as children.
Kate, as a commoner, is one in a million to meet and marry a Prince – but she’s no different to any one of us in finding the love of our lives and deciding to get married. That possibility is open to the majority of us and if you watched the wedding, or saw reports of it in the papers or heard anything about it on the radio and wondered if one day you could find happiness like Kate and William have, then know the answer is Yes you can.
Hundreds of single people have joined friendsfirst in the past, hoping to meet their ideal Prince or Princess – many of them perhaps thinking it would never happen to them, but they’d give it a try all the same. And lo and behold, the unexpected happens, they meet someone, – just like Kate and William met each other – they make friends, they develop a friendship – they go out, (they might even split up and get back together again) and then they decide to take that step of getting married. If you read any of the stories of such couples on our website you will quickly see that most people are ever so surprised when it happens to them.
So if you are looking for a relationship, firstly remember it can happen to you – but you do have to do something about it, and joining friendsfirst is a great thing to do to help you make more friends. After all it was through Williams large circle of friends at University that he met Kate – if you’re not meeting new people then it’s much harder to meet your Mr or Miss Right.
You may not meet a Prince or Princess through us, but if you are like any of the hundreds of people that have met the love of their life through us, then your testimony will be that they are the perfect one for you and you wouldn’t swap them for anyone else – Royalty or not.
So next time you think or hear something about the Royal wedding, let it be a spur to you to do something about your own love life – and before you know it, you too could be walking down that aisle!