Katharine WMAThe Wise Women Awards is an event that celebrates the achievements of Christian Women in the church and wider society and is organised by Wisdom for Women International in association with Keep The Faith magazine. The spectacular award ceremony took place on March 17th, 2012 at the London Hilton Paddington Hotel. Katharine won for the award for her involvement with so many singles’ lives and the resulting successes friendsfirst has had – nearly 200 marriages and many babies born, including triplets, as a result. A short video of the highlights of the evening can be viewed here. You can see more pictures on our facebook page and read the blog account of the evening here. A video done by the organisers of the event can be viewed here. Katharine was completley overwhelmed as the winner of the Business Category award was announced and took to the stage to receive the award amidst much applause. There was much laughter as she explained how her enthusiam for marrying people off had not declined in the 12 years of running friendsfirst. She thinks she also won the award because her faith has always been at the heart of the business and has shaped how she has run it. She is committed to furthering God’s Kingdom, and her belief is that if Christians aren’t given the opportunity to meet other Christians they risk meeting and marrying non-Christians – with consequential falling away from the faith. Even though she got married myself four and a half years ago, her commitment to single people has not wavered.