Knowing God Intimately Book Cover

Book Recommendation

Knowing God Intimately by Joyce Meyer

I’ve know about Joyce Meyer for many years but had not realised quite how much she’s written that is well worth reading.  Whilst on retreat at Lee Abbey in Devon last month I came across her book ‘Knowing God Intimately’ and I have loved every word of it. I can highly recommend it to you, if you want to grow closer to God and have a more personal day to day relationship with Jesus. Here’s what someone else has said about the book:

Meyer, a bestselling author and media personality, confesses she spent many years as a Christian “just going through the motions.” In this upbeat offering, she explains in a warm, conversational style how the void was filled through seeking a deeper intimacy with God, specifically in receiving and using the power of the Holy Spirit. For Meyer, God is in the details, and she looks to the Holy Spirit for guidance in everything from finding her lost TV, to solving serious problems, such as suffering from sexual abuse. As she unfolds four levels of commitment in achieving intimacy, there’s a smattering of preacherly exhortation—”You and I need a Holy Ghost invasion!”—and some direct dialogue with the Almighty. Meyer’s simplistic illustrations occasionally range into cliché, but ensure that any reader will be able to understand her points, as when she observes that “sitting in church does not make one a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes one a car.” Charismatic readers will appreciate this passionate discourse, while non-charismatic readers willing to overlook points of disagreement will find some insights worth pondering