Let Ellel Ministries be a blessing to you

Let Ellel Ministries be a blessing to you too.

A short overview of Ellel Ministries by Kathy from Yorkshire. The head office of which is in Bay Horse, about six miles south of Lancaster.

Ellel Ministries was founded by Peter Horrobin in 1986. Peter has co-authored the Complete Catalogue of British Cars, and it was while he was repairing an Alvis classic car he heard God speak to him saying that He wanted Peter to repair broken lives, and so the Ellel Ministry was born and is now established in 20 countries around the world.

I first became interested in the healing of the emotions and the soul through reading Leanne Payne’s books. She was an American lady, also with an international healing ministry. I had never heard of this ministry before and it is much neglected in the churches today. Leanne Payne died in 2015 but her ministry continues. Sadly there is no UK office but Ellel Ministries is the nearest thing to it.

Ellel Ministries’ foundational scripture is Luke 9:11, where Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing.

I myself first went on a free healing retreat, in February 2017, to see what Ellel Ministries was all about. It is possible for anyone to apply for a free healing retreat of 3 days. There is shared accommodation, (very comfortable beds and an electric blanket on each one), great food, and wonderful ministry from 2 of the team members. I then went on to start a 3 year course to train in the healing ministry, and I am just finishing Module A in April. At the end it will be possible for me to take this training back to my church, and also to join the team ministry at Ellel Grange. We are called ‘Wounded Healers’.

I pay for my training course, and this then enables Ellel to fund the free healing retreats. I myself have been divorced twice. Through ministry I have been able to be healed and delivered of all the ‘baggage’ that was left over from those two marriages. God gave me a picture of a beach, and on the sand were a number of different sized suitcases. There was a line of angels throwing the cases (containing all the baggage) into the sea. When I then, metaphorically speaking, looked behind me there was nothing there. Forgiveness is a key part of healing and the team members will take you through specific prayers of forgiveness. I have also been healed and delivered from the effects, by association, of Freemasonry, as my first husband was a Freemason and it was in the generational line of his family.

The bible teaching is very basic clear biblical teaching and we have had some very gifted speakers. Sometimes we are lucky to have Peter Horrobin teaching.

Ellel Grange is a beautiful country house, and when you step inside it is like going into another world filled with the Holy Spirit. You are very loved and cared for there and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The website is: www.ellel.org/. You will be able to  see all the different healing and training events including the free healing retreats.