Little known secrets to meeting more people

by | Apr 12, 2015 | Successful membership tips | 0 comments

Sadly there is no magic potion you can take that will enable you to suddenly meet more people – and in consequence get more dates and ultimately find Mr or Miss Right.

But there is one thing you can do that effectively works like a magic potion.

Would you like me to tell you – if you find out what it is will you take it? If I told you it definitely works will you act on it?

Yes? You promise? Don’t read on if you don’t agree!

OK here goes:

The way to meet more people and to ultimately get more dates is to contact more people.

Sounds obvious but few people are doing it.  The truth is there is a very strong correlation between the number of letters you write, the number of phone calls you make and the number of emails you send to how many new people you meet.

Not meeting many new people? Not going on any dates? Well the first question to ask yourself is how many contacts to new people are you making? No excuses here – don’t say – well I didn’t like her, or he lived too far away, or I wasn’t sure we had much in common.

If you do that, then as sure as day follows night, you’ll be one of the people who aren’t meeting new people and going on dates.

So if you want to double the amount of people you meet in the next six months over the numbers you met in the last six months, then you need to double the amount of people you’ve made contact with.  And did you notice I said ‘you’ need to. Yes that means you – not anyone else just you. So don’t wait for people to contact you and then respond – that is not the magic potion I’m offering you. It’s all abour your actions – only you can make it happen.

Now you said you’d follow this advice so get out your phone, or your letter writing kit and make contact with someone today – right now. Make a start – that’s always the hardest bit.

Good Luck then