One of the things we ask new members to do when they join friendsfirst is to list the qualities and characteristics they are looking for in a potential partner. Most people want to share their lives with a soulmate and share their hopes with us at this point. But how often do we ‘fudge’ our worldly and Christian values when we are searching for that special someone. Finding the right partner isn’t like choosing from a catalogue – what we think will make us happy isn’t necessarily what God knows will make us happy.  We hear stories every day from people who have found love when they least expected it- those specifically looking for someone who’d always been single now married to a wonderful divorcee, those looking for love on the doorstep who are head over heels with someone who lives 3 hours away, those who didn’t like bald men who are now happier than they have ever been due to the love shared with one of them, the list is endless.  So please look beneath the labels we place on people and don’t limit your friendships by making hasty judgements – contact people -search for the beautiful relationship God has planned for you.