Make the most of your membership in under 3 minutes

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As the UK’s no.1 offline Christian dating agency we want you to make the most of Friends1st.


A good starting point is following the advice of Chris and Julia – a couple who made a success of being Friends1st members by meeting each other and eventually marrying.

Membership Type

Key to making the most of your membership is making sure you have the right membership package to suit your needs. Find out about other packages here.


As Julia says in the above video. Having a close Christian friend or relative beside you as you go through your experience with Friends1st can be incredibly helpful & encouraging.

Don’t be afraid to go on dates

Make the most of your membership offline by going on dates with matches that interest you. Chris took a while to find his match in Julia after several, unsuccessful dates with different matches. This isn’t a sign to stop, this is a sign to persevere and keep searching for love and friendship.

Be realistic

You don’t have to marry the first person you meet up with. Be realistic about what you are looking for in a relationship and a person, if somebody doesn’t fit, don’t be afraid to decline a second date. Just be honest with them and our team so we can improve future matches.

For more information on making the most of the UK’s best offline Christian introduction agency. Call 0121 371 0384 now or email info@friends1st.co.uk