Sally from Glasgow asks…..

I can see from your website that you have a great many add-ons to my membership available, such as extra photos, a rewrite of my profile,  some professional dating advice (the Dating Master class), or even being a ‘Featured member’.  I see these services all have a price to them, but they also seem to also be included in some of the all-inclusive membership packages. Am I better off buying them singly or opting for a membership package that has them included?

Sarah says…..

Thanks Sally, let me see if I can shed some light on this for you:

We offer two routes of access to all our professional services.

  1. The first is through your membership package – and as you know different levels include varying features and benefits.
  2. The second route is through individual membership enhancements,  either by speaking to us in the office, or by visiting our  website (www.friends1st.co.uk/membership-enhancements).

Experience tells us that people come to the decision about what works best for them in their own time, often with some advice from us. Some of our members are very certain at the point of joining that they wish to attend all our Club Dining events, would value receiving our coaching emails or Dating MasterClass tutorials,  they might want to have five photos on their profile or  receive their profiles every month. We can confidently welcome them as a Platinum Plus member, knowing this will meet all their needs.

Other members may prefer to start more slowly with our solid Gold or Silver memberships, knowing they can add additional services along the way.  The only real difference, apart from significant price benefits of the all inclusive packages, is that the services we offer within the packages run for the 12 months  – or more – of your membership, whereas when you purchase a membership enhancement, it will apply from that point only, and you might end up wishing you had upgraded sooner!!

If I can help any further, call me on 01789 54 90 54 (Monday to Friday) or call and leave a message for me outside these times.

P.S Your call is important to me so if you find yourself speaking to the answer phone, it’s because I am already talking with a member. Please leave a  message with a good day and time, and telephone number to call you back and that is what I will do, many thanks.