More couples getting together

It’s been a happy couple of months for us with couples telling us they’ve got married and sharing their stories with us.

We’ve been reaching out to ex members and have been so heartened to hear so many of them are now in relationships or married.

We were particularly delighted to hear from Petra (who lived in Telford) and David (who lived in Newport) who are now married. They joined us in 2009 and never let us know they had met and got married. That’s a cause for sadness (them not letting us know) and great joy (that our service worked for them).

We’ve also heard that Gaby who is 49 (from Middlesex) got engaged on 2nd July to Brian (53) from Northumberland. We were delighted to hear from Brian how well the engagement is going and how meeting Gaby has transformed his life. Interestingly Brian joined four months after Gaby did – which just goes to show if you haven’t met someone special yet, they may be just about to join us – you just never know.