On My Own

Many people who are single, having never been married, divorced or widowed: refer to themselves as on my own. As a Life Coach, I often counter this with the question “Oh, so you don’t have any friends or family?” Their response is often “Of course I do!” and my reply; “so you’re not on your own then”! To say the phrase “on your own” causes the person who says it to feel sad, and those that hear it picture a lonely person, and that is usually not the case. We all have a network of people around us and while we may not have a partner at the moment, most people have some family and we all have some friends.

It is an encouraging experience to list those who we know we could call on if needed. I drew a simple pictorial representation. A useful format to use is the daisy.

Put your name in the centre and the names of friends and family on the petals. I’m sure you will feel encouraged and realise you are not alone.

As Christians we have many added blessings and one of these blessings is to realise we are never on our own. We have a Heavenly Father, Jesus as friend and brother and the Holy Spirit as comforter. I was reminded of a chorus I sang as a child, which went:

No never alone, No never alone.

God promised never to leave me,

Never to leave me alone.

It is a promise. So I remind myself and others that as we journey along this Road of meeting others through Friends1st, I may not have met my soul mate yet…….. but I am NOT “on my own”

Here are some Bible verses to help you know God’s Truth

Matthew 28v 20 Message Bible

Then, instruct them in the practice as I have commanded you, I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day, right up until the end of time.

Psalm 145 v 20
God sticks by all who love Him.

Isaiah 41 v 10

Don’t panic I am with you. There’s no need to fear because I am your God

Joshua 1 v 9

Strength, Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God your God is with you every step you take.

John 14 v 16

I will talk to the Father, and He’ll provide a friend so that you will always have someone with you.


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