Outdoors activities to bring you closer - Image of bicycles

Strength your relationship with a friend or potential partner with these five outdoor activities picked by Friends1st – the UK’s leading offline Christian introduction agency.

A person in a blue jacket and multi coloured hat on a zip line through a forest.

GoApe is just one of many great outdoor activities that can strengthen your friendship with somebody.

Hire a rowing boat

Beautiful scenery, the relaxing drift of the boat, and your own private space to learn more about each other. An hour or two on the water is good exercise and a great way to get closer.


Plan a journey together – the more scenic the better – and just go. Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good, so this should keep spirits high and give you plenty of time to bond on your journey.

Theme parks

There is nothing like an exhilarating ride to make people feel giddy with excitement. Share this feeling with someone and you are making a memory with each other. A great way to get closer.

Adventure days

Days out at places like GoApe can be a thrilling way to share a day. Both of you may be a little out of your comfort zone but can encourage each other, and build on your relationship.


Festival season is over but remember this for next year. Christian festivals like Greenbelt Festival are a brilliant way to spend a day out. Everybody is there to have a good time and you have a range of activities to entertain you.

So there you are. Five outdoor dates to bring you closer. Let us know your ideas on Facebook and Twitter.