The A to Z of Christian Dating

 P is for prayer

Prayer is a topic that is the foundation of all our dating advice.

The Bible tells us to Pray without ceasing (I Thess 5:17) and we should approach our search for a Christian partner like anything else we bring to God. In fact it is where we should start, continue and never end. Now that doesn’t mean you can sit around praying and doing nothing else and thinking  that just because you are praying God will miraculously bring a partner to you.

Now we aren’t saying that at all. (Please refer back to our topic F for our thoughts on Finding a Christian partner)

But we are saying that praying about your current situation, past situation (in relation to relationships and your desire to find a partner) and future desires is essential.  Ask God to show you what his desires are for you right now and for the future. Ask him to show you any areas of your past that need dealing with and that need healing. Ask him to open your heart to the “right person” for you. Ask him to direct your steps so that you might do the things that will lead you to meet the ‘right’ sorts of people. Ask him to bring you closer to him and to increase your capacity to love yourself and to love others. Ask him to show you areas of your life or aspects of your character and your ways of behaving that might need changing in order for you to meet someone. Ask him to make you content in your current situation.

Be confident that ‘if a bad father gives good things to his children, how much more will your Father in Heaven who loves you – give you good things (Matt 7: 11)

Pray about and for your future partner. Pray that God is doing a great work in their lives preparing them for you.

The Bible says we should acknowledge God in all our ways and He will direct our steps and make them sure (Proverbs 3:6). How wonderfully encouraging to know that we can call on God and He will provide daily guidance and strength.

Be open to hearing what God says to you when you are praying. Be still and listen to how He speaks to your heart. Try and put all your thoughts, longings, desire, hurts, disappointments and all other feelings you have down, and let God minister in His ways to you. In this way you will allow him to work in your life, your situation and your future.

If you find praying about your relationship situation hard – or you feel you’ve been banging on God’s door in prayer for years and never get an answer then there are many resources that can help you.

One such resource produced by us is called ‘Open to God’ which is a prayer resource for people looking to find their soulmate. It uses Bible passages to guide you into prayer and into hearing God’s voice, focusing on a variety of relevant Christian dating topics. You can find out more about it at www.friends1st.co.uk/opentogod. If you’ve never prayed using a Bible passage to hear God, then I can thoroughly recommend it to you.

Lastly, consider asking your friends and family to hold you up to God in their prayers. Be specific in your request to them and be encouraged that they will be standing before God for you.