Perfect fear casts out all love

by | Jul 1, 2011 | Christian Relationships | 0 comments


This misquotation comes from a book titled Risking Romance Again, written by David Robertson. David is a vicar who divorced after 18 years of marriage. He was a lone parent for 5 years and is now happily remarried after meeting his 2nd wife through friendsfirst.
David writes- Fear is to love what a bucket of water is to a flame. If we fear losing the person we love, we make the loss more likely! The trick is to forget ourselves and to concentrate on the other person- trusting them to do the same.
There is a paradox at the heart of human relationships, because when we take, we lose and when we give, we gain. Christians believe that this is because human love mirrors the love of God, but whatever we believe, the result is the same; give love and a relationship grows- try to demand love and watch the relationship wither.
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