Please pray

Please Pray

I was with my home group leader (before lockdown 3!) recently sharing a time of prayer. We were praying for what we do with our lives-her as a GP and me running this business-and where God may want to use us in the future. As we were praying for friends1st my friend shared how one of the frequent prayers of her late mother had been to pray especially for Christian marriages-and in particular to come against the prayers of witches who apparently particularly pray for the breakup for Christian marriages. [If you don’t believe in witches please do look up the book ‘From Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine-a very insightful and chilling book on the subject and reality of witches and how Satan uses them.] Whatever your views and beliefs on them (and I know for some-my husband included this is difficult spirituality), it does make sense that anyone actively against Christ would be against Christian marriage. Good Christian marriages are such a bedrock of the church-and the church family-and as you’ve probably heard me saying in our values video (you can watch it on the home page of our website)- strong Christian marriages can have a massive impact on the Kingdom of God. Dating is hard as I’m sure you know and perhaps Christian Dating even harder-not for any man-made reasons (although there are plenty of those!) but because we have an enemy who does not want Christians to come together. So please pray. As a member you are invested with us in being part of a movement to bring Christians together. Please pray for your fellow members that they would be successful in meeting someone that is right for them and with whom they can grow spiritually together. Maybe that sounds all too Christian and spiritual for some of you-but I hope wherever you are on this journey of faith, you would understand something of what I am trying to say here. Please pray for friends1st-for me as I lead the business and lead the team-with all of my weaknesses and strengths! I know some of you do pray for us and that is very heart warming and encouraging. For those of you who run or have run businesses you’ll know that it isn’t easy. Perhaps it’s always been thus. These are particularly hard times for so many. But as I said above, please pray especially for all our members (past and present) and for what we are trying to do-which is facilitate the coming together of Christians to build the Kingdom of God. There are plenty of ‘forces’ against us-so please bear us in your prayers. As we head into the winter months that are hard enough as it is with less light, we are so conscious of this coming season being harder than ever before for people living on their own without a significant other in their life. The Coronavirus situation is deeply worrying and is taking it’s toll on everyone-whether you catch it-or not. Please be mindful of how other members may be coping (or not coping) as a result of the impact of the virus and bear this in mind in your interaction with them. We need kindness more than ever before in these times.