Geraldine in Worcester asks……

Some of the profiles that I receive either have only one picture or none at all. While I don’t base the decision of who I’m going to contact on someone’s looks, it does make a difference if I can see their face while I am reading someone’s profile. My own pictures are not as good as they might be too. Can you help me with this?

Sarah says……

Geraldine, thank you for raising this point. As you know, when a member joins us now, we strongly emphasise the value of putting great pictures – and as many as possible, up to the maximum of 6 – on your profile. It is a fact that other people will react to your whole profile more positively, the more they get a sense of you through your photos. The members who receive the most active responses tend to be those who have a whole bunch of snaps which show a bit about their life, hobbies, travels or occasions. It is very encouraging, when contacting someone for the first time, to have seen the smile on their face, or the warm expression in their eyes. We are very active in explaining this to members whose profiles currently don’t carry any good pictures, and I’m sure we are winning the battle if not the war!

Don’t let the fact that someone does not have a picture on their profile put you off contacting them, especially if you like what you have read, but be aware that having the best pictures possible on your own profile is the goal for you! We do organise a professional photo shoot, if you would prefer top notch pictures, and we have a selection of photographers around the country who are used to working closely with us, who understand exactly what our member’s profiles need. Please contact me if this is something I can help you with. However holiday or celebration snaps are a good option too (we can always edit out other people/family members).

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