From: Cheryl in London

Hi, I’ve noted that many of the members have not received my profile – is there a reason for this? Also I received 2 profiles of people who were very far outside my age profile which I did not think was appropriate and thought you said you would not do? I don’t mind a few years over my upper limit but 20 years is over excessive.

Kay says:

Thanks Cheryl for asking this – quite a lot of other members have asked something similar so it’s great to have the opportunity to explain.

Firstly you refer to the tick box on the profiles you’ve received which indicates whether people have had your profile or not, and it looks like quite a lot of the people who’s profiles you received haven’t had yours. Basically when we send out profiles to each member, we select a group of members for each individual. It’s most important to realise that members can be on one of 4 different membership levels – getting profiles at different times of the year. So although you’ve received your profiles in June, people you’ve been sent (for example Philip) had their last set of profiles in May (before you’d joined us) and don’t get their next set till August. So whether someone has had your profile or not is really a factor to do with when they receive profiles and when you joined (as well as a couple of other complicated algorithms that I don’t understand myself!). The important thing is to remember to send a copy of your profile (that you received with your welcome pack) to anyone you contact who hasn’t received your profile (although we’d recommend giving a copy to everyone) and not thinking that just because someone has had your profile but hasn’t got in touch yet, that you shouldn’t contact them. You definitely should.

As for the profiles of men who were much, much older than you…..

In every profile mailing we send to members we now include ‘featured members’. These are members who’ve paid to have their profiles sent to all members, irrespective of their age – which is why you received these profiles. Where they are far, far outside of your age range, then we obviously don’t expect you to get in touch. However sometimes you may find that we send you a featured member who is only a couple of years outside of the age range you’ve specified. In this case, you may find that you are actually interested in these ‘extra’ people we’ve sent you, despite their being slightly older or younger than your perfect criteria.

I hope that helps to explain things.