Nina and Steve

Nina and Steve – Heeding advice and finding it works


We were delighted to hear the news just at the end of last year that two members Nina and Steve had got engaged. There’s a lot to be learnt from their journey and principles that could well work for you too and lead to your finding your soul mate. Enjoy their story.

Nina: I divorced 10 years ago and although I had dated a few men since, the relationships never really went anywhere.  I then decided that I needed to take firm action as I wanted to be in a serious relationship with someone who wanted the same.  I googled Christian dating sites and was surprised as to how many there were.  Then I came across Friends1st.  This was different to the rest and after reading about the agency and speaking with them I decided that this was the one for me.

I was worried about rejection with this type of dating – and a few men I messaged didn’t even reply! But then I saw Steve’s profile and thought I would contact him as he looked nice.  He wasn’t the type I normally go for, but Sarah from Friends1st had said that I should contact all the people that she had sent profiles of, so I bit the bullet and sent a text to Steve.  Our texts initially were quite awkward, but quickly became more comfortable.

We met for coffee after about 10 days of texting. It was an awkward meeting, but then we were both probably nervous.  Steve told me everything about his family and his divorce. I could see that this strong man was allowing me to see that he was still vulnerable. We met again the following week and although the date went well due to our mutual live of spicy food, there was no real spark.  I thought to myself that Steve would probably be a good friend but not a partner.

However, Friends1st suggest that you should go on at least three dates to get to know someone, so, with that in mind, arranged another date with Steve. I am not sure what happened or how it happened, but that third date was really different. I am not sure if it was because we were a lot more relaxed with each other, or that I saw something different in Steve, but there was a spark.

We continued to see each other, and the dates became more frequent and more fun.

We have had our ups and downs during the time we have been together, but by working through our issues we now have a strong bond and love for each other.  Steve proposed December 2020 and we are getting married in July 2021.

I will be forever grateful to Sarah, who was always there when I needed advice and was that gentle push I needed to take that leap.

Steve:  My marriage didn’t end well, an irretrievable breakdown. I lost all my trust in people but knew I didn’t want to be on my own. I researched Friends1st as a way to safely find someone genuine, as Friends1st vet all the people with them and therefore are real people, but I was very reluctant in joining, and after I joined, wanted to cancel my membership as I was really not sure.  I talked it through with Friends1st and decided to give it a go.

It was good being able to read through the profiles before deciding who to contact that had similar interests. I had contacted a couple of women and had dates with them, but nothing clicked.  Then I got a text from Nina.  She seemed friendly, I liked her profile, so responded to her. I really looked forward to her messages – the humour. They drew me to her. Then we met and I decided to tell her everything about me and my past. That way, if she wasn’t happy, it could end there.  She listened and let me talk.

We arranged another date, which I was really pleased about.  She told me about her life – her previous relationship wasn’t great – in a way that brought us closer as we had a similar experience. Soon, we were going back and forward between my home and hers.

We got on really well and enjoyed spending time together.  After 18 months of dating, I proposed to her and am pleased she said yes.

Congratulations on your engagement Nina and Steve and here’s to a wonderful wedding day this July and a very special life together.

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