Roger and Beverley –  From anger to love

This is the amazing story of what happens when you change you parameters, are willing to take a little bit of advice, and are open to what God may have for your future (written by Katharine Gray).

Roger was one of our members who lived in Glasgow. He joined us in December and was very upset after he received his first set of profiles from us. He rang to tell us his feelings in no uncertain terms. The reason was because all the profiles he had received were from ladies living in England and he specifically wanted to meet and marry someone from Scotland.

To add insult to injury he only wanted to marry a white woman and mixed in with the profiles we were sending him were black ladies! It was a while ago now but I distinctly remember him shouting down the phone at me and being incredibly angry. He wanted to leave friends1st but I told him we were not able to refund his money and he might as well make the most of what he’d paid for.

Somehow despite the angry outbursts I managed to persuade him that location wasn’t the only criteria (especially not when he was only 36!) and that he should make the effort to read the profiles sent, contact those he liked the look of and make the effort to contact them. He agreed to do so (realising he could meet up with people outside Scotland as he often travelled to England on business) and did agree that if Mrs Perfect was in England he’d marry her!

I didn’t think I would hear from him again – and, as I thought he was a hard nosed business man, I rather doubted he would actually take my advice.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from Roger the following January to let me know he had got engaged to one of our members. I was of course absolutely delighted but I nearly fell over when I discovered who the lucky lady was. It was a 28year old lady – Beverley from London. And not only did she live in London but she was a black lady. Here’s what he went on to tell me.

Roger had gone down to London on a training course and was staying with his brother there. Whilst there he met up with Beverley (from his profiles we’d sent him) and that first meeting went really well. After that they spent a lot of time on the phone together and then he went down again to celebrate her birthday in July. Things between them went so well that she joined him on his preplanned holiday to Australia for 3 weeks. It was an amazing time following which they got engaged. Roger was amazed at how quickly it all happened – but was adamant it was obviously ‘meant to be’. He was blessed by the company he worked for being happy and able to transfer him and as a result he was able to move to London.

Roger continued to tell me how many things they had in common – God obviously – but all sorts of other things too – not least the love of travel. He was glad Easyjet made the travelling between Glasgow and London relatively easy in their early years together.

When I asked him for his comments on the whole experience Roger told me “ he had had to put the effort in!” and that he had taken notice of our conversation when he’d been so angry with us, and had gone on to contact various profiles – but Bev had been the first person he’d met.

Roger and Beverley married in June and all our blessings have gone to them.

How to be the One

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You may have noticed a flood of new members following our success story! Again many thanks for your excellent service. With best wishes for many more happy Marriages.”

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How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book