Kevin and Marie – The farmer got a wife!!!

Christian Dating couple Kevin and Marie standing smilingI joined Friends First on September or October of 2020.  Kevin had joined and then waited a while due to lockdown.  You contacted him and he joined again in July 2021 and he got my profile.  I also got Kevin’s profile in July 2021, which I looked at and liked, but did not want to contact him first.  As Kevin got his profiles by mail, his took longer to get to him.  Kevin was the nearest person I had received and I was the nearest to him.  Although I was willing to travel for the right person, it would have been very difficult during lockdown to meet anyone, but lockdown was over and we were within a 45 minute journey.  Kevin could not move from the farm, it is his life and business.  Kevin had joined Friends First as he saw them advertising in the Farmer’s Weekly and he thought a Christian woman must be a good woman and so far I haven’t let the side down!  Lol.

We had a couple of telephone conversations and then we met up for a drink and a chat.  We got on really well and thought there may be something in it, but was early days.  We met up a couple more times and we both knew it was right and we were good for each other.   We did give it more time before Kevin asked me to marry him, which was in January 2022 (this year), of course I said yes and we married 14th May 2022.  We do not think we would have met without Friends First and it would have been such a missed opportunity.  We get on so well and we are very happy.  We are both in our 50s and so we know what we want and that is why we could marry so soon.

I watched a video by Katharine and she was saying about thinking out of the box and that is what I did with Kevin.  He is CofE and believes but is not so bothered about that, where as I am evangelical or charismatic and never probably would have considered anyone who was not.  I gave him a chance anyway, and it was absolutely the right thing to do.  I had been on my own for 14 years and had not bothered with dates at all until I knew it was time and that is when I joined Friends 1st and knew that I had to be serious about it.  I did pray that I would know quickly if the right man came along and that I would not have to go on many dates.  Well Kevin was the first man that came up that seemed well suited and that was that.  I did pray continuously through our time together to make sure it was right and for it to end if it was not.  I know I made the right choice.

Kevin is a farmer and my advice to anyone when you see a farmer’s post stating you have to be able to understand the farming way of life, it is this simple …. if you are willing to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, you will be fine.  Also, you must be happy with your own company and find things for yourself to do (if you are not too busy helping with all the things needing doing on a farm).  Do think out of the box, give it a try, the worst thing is you are not compatible, but you could still get a good friend.


I have a best friend, soulmate and wonderful husband and Kevin is so happy to have met me.  This is all because we joined Friends First with an open mind and we both wanted to meet someone special.  Please listen to the advice, it is helpful , whether you have been on your own for a long time or made some mistakes along the way (haven’t we all).  We tried it and have and we got married!  Isn’t that the goal!

Thank you to Friends First.  I have to say, I was not happy with it at first and didn’t think I would continue as nobody that was suitable for me seemed to come through, but in the end he did!

Sorry it is a bit all over the place Katharine, but move the information around as you wish and also contact me if you want any more information or anymore photos, but I love the tractor one!

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!   We both never thought we could meet anyone like each other, but we did.



How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

Good Morning Katharine, Wow! what a wonderful and inspiration message from you. Thank you and God bless you


“I am writing to someone in Cornwall the old fashioned way and it’s really quite nice.”

(Victoria 56 Langport)

“Thank you very much for my birthday card, which was extremely thoughtful of you, much appreciated and a great choice”

(Carol, Physician)

I have just joined friends1st in the last few days. My decision to join was based on the kindness and personal attention given over my indecision to join, as you […]


How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book