Peter and Virginia

Pray at all times

The Story of Peter and Virginia

Virginia begins…

The thought of joining the Christian dating site friendsfirst had never crossed my mind until I had reached the age of 38 and had not met anybody special in my life. Feeling Christian dating site friendsfirst worked for Peter and Virginia rather low one day I complained to God as I had no doubt that he could bring the right person into my life with ease even if they lived the other side of the world. After I moaned I felt as if the Lord was saying to me don’t moan do something about it. I then realised that I wasn’t meant to sit around waiting for Mr Right.

In life if we want food we go out shopping, if we want a job we apply for it, if we are sick we go to the doctor, we don’t expect somebody to come knocking on our door offering food, a job or medication and yet when it comes to finding a special person we just expect to do nothing and it happens. My experience of God is that he is a God of variety and deals with people in different ways. Some people will find their ideal partners through Church but if not the Christian dating site friendsfirst is an ideal way to meet people you may never get to meet.

I decided to join the Christian dating site friendsfirst and am so happy that I did as I made contact with my husband Peter shortly after joining. I was rather nervous as other blind dates I had been on in the past the guys sometimes were so intense it was off putting I did not give my telephone number at first preferring instead to make contact by emails. I found Peter to be a very witty and caring person and I felt very drawn to his personality. We had sent a lot of email to each other before finally meeting up and I felt as if I was meeting a friend rather than a stranger, this made meeting up less daunting.

Our relationship progressed slowly and I can say without a doubt that he is my best friend and my soul mate. Its good to take time with relationships and I am glad we did. For myself I reached a point where I really looked forward to meeting up with Peter each weekend. We got engaged on the 29th November 2003 and had a beautiful wedding day on 10th July 2004. It was a real dream come true and I am very grateful to friendsfirst, the Christian dating site and God for bringing us together.

Peter continues….

Pray. Pray before everything. And then pray again. Perhaps for some people there is love at first sight. For me it takes time to establish a relationship, time to get to know someone. You’re still getting to know your other half well into marriage. Relationships are also about adapting to each other, and for marriages to work both sides have to be able to continue to adapt. I think some people approach dating looking for the perfect match, and have a one strike and you’re out attitude to any faults they find. We’re all imperfect people.

I’m happy I married Virginia. I’m happy I’m now part of her family, as she is of mine. She supports me, despite my faults. And I hope I support her. We are a blessing to each other.

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