Surjit and Andrew get married with the help of Friends1st the Christian Dating agencySurjit and Andrew – another couple to get married​

We were so thrilled to learn the news of Andrew and Surjit’s engagement and then marriage this summer. In this article you’ll read their story kindly sent to us by Surjit (and our comments in italics).  Not only did Andrew and Surjit not live locally to each other – but they got together and firmed up their love for each other in lockdown. It just proves anything is possible with the right attitude and God on your side. Take heart from this story and see how it inspires you because you could easily be next if you act/think as Surjit and Andrew did.

Surjit joined friends1st in January 2020 and was living in the West Midlands. Andrew joined in September 2020 and was living in Yorkshire. In November 2020 we heard Surgit had been in touch with Andrew and they had a great connection but hadn’t met yet. They met in April 2021 and things moved quickly from their first meeting onwards.

“Andrew was introduced to the agency via his pastor. I searched online and came across Friendsfirst. Both of us were quite reluctant to go on a dating site, let alone get in touch with other members once joining.

But we were encouraged to do so by the agency – we were expected to be open minded, giving other members a chance to get in touch with us also.

It’s interesting to note here that you can’t just join a dating agency like friendsfirst. You have to take action. That doesn’t always feel comfortable – but that’s OK and it’s fairly normal! But if you want to find a partner, remember ‘to find’ is a verb and that means taking action!

Andrew wanted someone who was physically attractive.

I was after personality and a man with a deep faith.

Surjit wrote to us in December 2020 saying she was taking every step by faith and wanted particularly to be led by the Holy Spirit in terms of when she reached out to members. She was very clear with us how important the spiritual connection was for her.

I had also been with the agency a bit longer. Andrew had joined some months later. (Quite a few months later as it turned out – and there’s a lesson there too. God’s timings are perfect. But sometimes he has work to do on us and in the context of dating, perhaps your ideal person is some months away from joining. That is why prayer perseverance are so very important.)

We had both been contacted by other members. But deep down we both wanted someone we felt attracted to in more ways than one.

I guess we both wanted to feel spiritually connected, comfortable and compatible. I’m sure this is something any member would want. We both wanted to be able to read the Word together, pray together and worship Jesus together. We just wanted God to be the central core and glue of our relationship. Right the way from the first contact. It was important for us to share honestly with one another.

In October 2020 I came across Andrew’s profile.  I felt led by the Holy Spirit and a little push from my family to contact him.

It’s amazing how God uses not only himself but others to help us go His way.

Andrew eventually responded.

It was still lockdown and we started to communicate and eventually it developed over the months into something more than just spiritual.

We had a shared love for Jesus and over time our friendship bond just grew. Jesus was the glue. In fact this become our moto.

The Holy spirit was our councillor.

I was very sure Andrew was the one God promised. But Andrew needed more time because he was more focused on the physical side of attraction…And at points he did have doubts but God spoke to him and reassured him to keep going.

God spoke to Andrew using the same scriptures…..amazingly he had given to myself  many years ago.

Eventually we got to meet each other in April 2021. Everything just started happening quickly, things were just falling in to place. Andrew felt a great sense of peace once he had met me and we spent time together when lockdown would allow.

We always kept Jesus central.

We felt we could progress things quickly, so we got engaged May 16th 2021.  We decided we wanted to get married sooner rather than later, despite lockdown restrictions.

We had a lot of support from family and friends and our pastors made it their job to council us and guide us.

We really feel God made us a match in heaven. We want to fulfil his work on earth as a couple. So on July 14th 2021 we were married at Pocklington Register office, followed by a blessing at Pocklington Christian Fellowship.

Now we are together in a loving Christian marriage. With God as our super glue.


Thank you friendsfirst.


Andrew &Surj



In March 2021 Surjit wrote  this lovely thank you to us: “Thankyou so much for your hard work and input. Especially in bringing myself and Andrew together. This is a supernatural undertaking I believe. Through the friends1st team it has been possible to make such a connection.Our communication  and commitment  has been developing  since October 2020

We both seem to compliment each other physically, mentally & most important spiritually.  Our frienship really deepens from the inside out. By putting God in the centre and the Lord of our lives Jesus has our best friend first and for most…is our glue and sticking point.

We have been encouraging each other on a regular basis  through the weeks and months during lockdown. Importantly having fellowship with each other over the internet, vidoes calls, texting. Now we are really eager to meet each and take ourselves to the next level of being together. We are really looking forward to spending our lives with each other. Our families are happy for us too. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith with a little help.

F.F  I congratulate you for your intervention  in bringing a inner city girl and country boy together from two different backgrounds.

I keep calling it ‘Lockdown Love’


In May Andrew wrote “Thank you for everything, for your advice and encouragement, and may God continue to bless you and use you in this ministry. I will keep you updated about me and Surj. W we got engaged in a little Church, where we prayed together, and then I proposed to her and put the ring on her finger, a lovely moment. All the best. Andrew.”

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