Trevor and Anne – from friendship to love

We were thrilled to hear the news that another two of our members have got together. Here’s their story.

Trevor joined us at the end of 2019 having seen our advert in the Farmers Weekly (being a flower farmer from Lincolnshire). He had a good years’ membership being very proactive contacting other members and attending events but didn’t at that point find what he was looking for. In early January 2021 he decided to keep his membership going for a further year. In March 2021 Anne (a widower herself like Trevor) saw our advert in the Garden News newspaper and promptly joined us.

They received each others’ profiles in April and you could say the rest is history. In July Anne let us know she was ecstatically happy with Trevor and certainly wouldn’t be looking for anyone else and it wasn’t much later that Trevor told us he had found THE ONE!

This is what Ann wrote to us about their getting together….

On the 13th June at Waitrose Car Park I received a WhatsApp call from a complete stranger. Like me he had joined friendsfirst having been persuaded by friends who had seen it in the  Farmers Weekly magazine, but unlike me whereas he had persevered to meet someone, I had given up. I saw your advertisement in Garden News. It was a brief message telling me where he was from and that he enjoyed gardening but detested smokers.  He hoped that the message would do as an ice-breaker.

He also sent me a picture of delphiniums and explained he was a flower grower in Lincolnshire.

It was a curious beginning, and I was tempted to see where it would go as I was on my own.  My husband had died 2 years previously and my children were living overseas.  Trevor had lost his wife 10 years ago but his children were all living close by.

It was a day later he gave me some more details of his life, i.e. he was a farmer and I explained to him that before I had retired I’d been a practising radiographer.  Our backgrounds were poles apart but the one thing we had in common was horticulture and he seemed very interesting and very nice.

On that same day I spoke to Trevor on the telephone.  In truth it was a very long phone call; an hour!  Everyday we spoke to each other on the telephone.

On 20th June Trevor came to see me and we had lunch at the local pub followed by a walk. I remember feeling incredibly nervous and I believe he felt the same but we both took to each other like ducks to water.

Just over 6 months later we have never looked back and the friendship has turned to love. For the time being I visit Trevor at weekends and time permitting he visits me one day during the week.  It’s not ideal but it works for us. 

We love each other, are good friends and will stick by each other through thick and thin to the end of our days. Our relationship was meant to be, there is no other way to describe it. friendsfirst put us together and together we created that all important magic.

The whole team at friendsfirst are absolutely delighted for them and wish them great happiness in their future together.

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Just a belated thanks for the meeting near Stratford the other Saturday. Thanks also to the two hosts. It was all very enjoyable to meet other members.

(Robert – Northampton )

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(Christine Worcester 64)

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To God be the glory for everything that He has done.