Friendsfirst’s Refer A Friend / Referral Partner Programme

Refer a Friend – Tell others about friendsfirst
Earn Generous Commissions on all purchases

Our Refer A Friend scheme exists because a large percentage of our members hear about us through word of mouth. We want to reward people who tell others about us – who promote us on their website, or through social media, or simply by telling others about us in an email. We also see this as another way of not only building the Kingdom of God but benefitting other ministries in this Kingdom.

To do this we’ve created an incredibly simple but effective referral programme that tracks how people hear about us, and rewards referee’s with a generous commission (or alternatively a donation to a charity of their choice).

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Important notes: Choose a SHORT username. This will become the unique code that will be the end part of your unique tracking link.
Refer a friend – How does it work?

Each referral partner is given a Unique Tracking Link. This is a link that when clicked takes people to the friends1st home page – AND in the process of doing that, records where the link came from.  Here’s an example.

Susan is a referral partner and she has a website. She signs up as a friends1st referral partner and receives her Unique Tracking Link. She creates a link on her website (using her Unique Tracking Link) to friends1st. She also uses Facebook and twitter and she decides to tell others about friends1st on those social media platforms as well – and again she does that using the Unique Tracking Link that she got from us.   Her friends look at her website (or read her Facebook post for example) and decide to click on the friends1st link.  They arrive at the friends1st homepage and take a look around. These friends are forever more linked to Susan in our software (this bit goes on behind the scenes with neither party seeing any names).

One  of these friends – we’ll call him Tom – decides a week or month later to join friends1st. As soon as he joins and pays for his membership, Susan’s account is credited with commission. If Tom buys other things from us (like signing up to come to an event) Susan will also receive commission on these things too.

Who can become a referral partner?

Absolutely anyone can become a referral partner – any organisation and any individual. You don’t have to have had anything previously to do with friends1st – and you don’t have to be a member.

Where can links to friends1st be used?

  • You can put a link to friends1st anywhere! The most obvious place is on your website if you (or the organisation/church you’re associated with) have one.
  • You can link to friends1st through social media (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc)
  • If you blog you can link to us through your blog
  • And if you send emails, you can include a link to us in emails.

This sounds great! How do I get going?

It’s incredibly easy to get going. Just complete the form on the right of this text, and you’ll immediately be given your Unique Tracking Code which you can start using immediately. We’ll also send you a couple of helpful emails to help you get going.

How much could I earn?

You’ll earn a minimum of £30 and up to just over £150 for every person who joins friends1st and a generous commission on any books/resources/events they purchase as well. There’s no limit to what you can earn – it all depends on how much you want to promote us. If you’d rather not receive cash from us, you can ask us to give the commission to a charity of your choice  – or you could even use the money to help someone else pay for membership. How you use your commission is entirely up to you.

How can I see what impact my promotion of friends1st has?

After you’ve signed up to become a referral partner with us, you’ll receive not only your Unique Tracking Code to use, but also log in details to our Partner Portal. This is where you can see the commissions you’re entitled to, what you’ve actually earnt (based on who’s purchased from us as a result of finding us through your links). It’s also a resource centre where you can find all sorts of other resources you can use to help you promote us (it includes things like banners, email templates and other links to our products for you to use – all uniquely tracked to you!)

Further help and questions

If you’d like to ask us ANY questions before signing up, please don’t hesitate to contact Katharine Gray on 0121 427 1286. She’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have and to help you get going.

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Refer a friend and be rewarded

Become a friends1st Referral Partner
Sign up to be a friends1st referral partner and you will earn a generous commission on all purchases that anyone who hears about us through you makes.   As a referral partner you can tell people about us through websites you have access to, social media or simply by emailing people you know
Part 1 - Your Contact Information
Part 2 - Your Unique Tracking Link

When you sign up to be a referral partner, you will be given your own Unique Tracking Link that will track everyone who hears about friends1st through you. This is how we can then reward you accordingly.

Simply fill out this web form to obtain your Unique Tracking Link to get going!

Important notes: Choose a SHORT username. This will become the unique code that will be the end part of your unique tracking link.