Refining The Gold

A wedding ring is usually made up on 14ct gold. 58.5% of it is pure gold and the rest is a mix of other metals, ‘impurities’, including nickel, copper and zinc. If the gold is melted over considerable heat, the impurities within it rise to the surface. They were already there as part of the substance of the metal but couldn’t be seen. Now, because of the heat they are experiencing, those impurities have come to the surface and been revealed. 

After we become Christians, God starts a similar purifying process in us. We might think that now we are a Christian we will automatically become wonderful, wise, kind and loving people. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that! The truth is that there are an awful lot of impurities inside us which need to be brought to the surface. And only heat created by testing times, difficult times, challenges, stepping outside our comfort zone, and our own habits, will do that job. Once they’re revealed, God will come and skim them off – as long as we acknowledge them and give them to Him. We can try to pretend that they are not there, and push them back down again, but that achieves nothing. When we see responses in ourselves that we don’t like, it’s good to recognise that those things are within us and give God permission to take them. That way He comes and cleanses and purifies us in order that we become more like His Son Jesus. 

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