Friends first Prince William and Kate

by Katharine Gray

Friends First for Prince William and Kate. Here at friends1st we share in the delight of the country over the news of the Royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton after a long relationship and much speculation about their future. We watched their first joint interview and were delighted to hear the central tenant of their relationship success was that they’d been friends first! This is such an important feature of successful relationships today – so  important that we staked our future on naming our business on it (about a year or so before Prince William and Kate had even met in St. Andrews)!

When the journalist asked Prince William and Kate whether it’d been love at first sight for them both, the answer was No as they’d got to know each other slowely and gradually at University in St. Andrews. As a result there was no pressure of thinking ‘Is this the one – does he/she tick all my boxes after our first meeting?’

Nine years may be a long time to be friends with someone prior to getting engaged but then most of us in the dating world are not 21! But the principle espoused by Prince William and Kate Middleton is essential to all relationships however long that period of friendship is.

Prince William and Kate have, over the friendship, had ample opportunity to fully get to know each other – as they said “warts and all” before making a serious commitment to each other. They may be a Prince and soon to be Princess, but they are human and fallible just like the rest of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the Royal family or not – the principle of friends first is fundamental to us all.

Being friends first takes the pressure off thinking about your long term future with the other person. If you truly approach every new person you have the opportunity to meet as a potential new friend, and really make friends with them, you are not only widening your circle of friends, but laying down the most excellent foundation should a future relationship develop as Prince William and Kate have demonstrated to the world. Theirs is no arranged or instantly matched relationship. No, they were friends first and lovers later and what more could anyone want.

We wish Prince William and Kate Middleton the greatest happiness together and know that, being friends first, their relationship and long term future together stands a great chance of success.  Many people will look up to them – let’s take a leaf out of their book then especially when it comes to relationships.

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