We found the following information/research on the internet in December 2006. It makes fascinating reading if you are interested to know the age ranges of single people in our country our and where they live:

Christmas can be a particularly lonely time of year for the UK’s population of singles, but the new Singles Report from marketing data and intelligence experts EuroDirect promises hope for meeting that someone special by revealing which Post Areas in the UK have the highest proportion of singles, as well as the areas with the greatest disparity between single men and women living alone.

The new report shows:

  • the top twenty UK post areas by population for singles living alone
  • that if it’s love you’re after, where to look to find your ideal man or woman by revealing the UK Post Areas with the greatest disparities between male and female singles living alone
  • the age bands of UK singles living alone and the gender disparities within each band.

Who are the UK ‘s singles living alone?

Of the 9,899,196 single people living alone in the UK , identified from EuroDirect’s Data Exchange database, 52% are female, which means there are nearly 500,000 more single females than males.

Ages of UK singles living alone

The 75-plus age band makes up the largest group of those living alone in the UK , accounting for nearly 20% of the UK single population (Table 1).

The 60-74 group make up just over 19% which means a total of almost 40% of the single people living alone in the UK are over 65.

But perhaps more surprising is that the 35-44 year olds group make up a very significant 20% of the single population living alone in the UK .

The 17-29 age group who would possibly be considered to be more likely to be single and living alone make up less than 9%, a total group of 846,381 young singles living alone in the UK.

Greatest disparities between men and women by age band of UK singles living alone

Examining the disparity between males and females across age groups, the greatest difference is identified in the over 75 years of age band, with 36% more women than men (Table 1).

In the 55 to 59 age group that disparity is 24% in the men’s favour, yet in the 25-29 age group this disparity is reversed, with 24% more single women living alone than men.

Table 1: Age Bands of UK singles living alone

Age Band

% Male % Female % Of Total
17-20 yrs 43% 57% 2.05
21-24 yrs 41% 59% 1.41
25-29 yrs 38% 62% 5.09
30-34 yrs 47% 53% 7.60
35-39 yrs 49% 51% 10.14
40-44 yrs 53% 47% 9.52
45-49 yrs 59% 41% 7.83
50-54 yrs 61% 39% 8.57
55-59 yrs 62% 38% 8.68
60-64 yrs 54% 46% 6.73
65-69 yrs 42% 58% 7.05
70-74 yrs 43% 57% 5.36
75+ yrs 32% 68% 19.95
Unknown Age 57% 43% 0.02

Where are the UK ‘s singles that live alone?

The report reveals there are definite concentrations of single populations in the UK , with just the top ten Post Areas for singles significantly accounting for over 20% of all the UK ‘s singles living alone.

Birmingham has the most singles living alone with 281,742; contributing over 40,000 more singles to the report than its next rival Belfast , which has a population of 239,034 singles living alone (Table 2).

Glasgow and Sheffield are 3 rd and 4 th on the list with populations of about 221,564 and 215,965 singles living alone respectively.

According to the Singles Report, the best place to live to meet single people in the UK is The North, with Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool all making the top ten.

London has a strong showing of singles living alone, with both SE and SW London Post Areas making the top ten, coming in at 8 and 9 on the list respectively.

Table 2: The top twenty UK post areas for singles living alone

Geographical Distribution of Singles (Post Area) Total
1 B Birmingham 281,742
2 BT Belfast 239,034
3 G Glasgow 221,564
4 S Sheffield 215,965
5 NE Newcastle Upon Tyne 204,470
6 M Manchester 199,490
7 NG Nottingham 177,235
8 SE London SE 173,506
9 SW London SW 162,931
10 L Liverpool 155,717
11 CF Cardiff 153,046
12 BS Bristol 149,504
13 BN Brighton 145,623
14 EH Edinburgh 142,942
15 LE Leicester 135,181
16 PO Portsmouth 132,990
17 LS Leeds 130,316
18 N London N 129,320
19 PE Peterborough 127,525
20 E London E 125,023

The UK Post Areas with the greatest disparity between men and women singles living alone

The Singles Report identifies the Post Areas where singles have the greatest chance of finding love this festive season, hopefully just in time to make a connection in the run up to Valentines Day 2007 (Table 3 & 4).

Glasgow has the highest amount of female singles living alone compared to the men with nearly 40,000 more women than men. Belfast is second with over 30,000 more women and Edinburgh is third with over 25,000 more single females over males.

The North is again well represented in the female singles statistics; Liverpool is fourth with nearly 20,000 more single women and Sheffield rounds out the top five with over 15,000 more women than men.

Wales has a high proportion of single women compared to men with Swansea and Cardiff at 7 and 8 on the list respectively, boasting a combined total over 30,000 more single women than men.

When it comes to the greatest proportion of single men, Reading tops the stakes with the largest disparity between single males living alone to women, with over 10,000 more single males than females. Rochester is next best for finding single males living alone with nearly 9,500.

The Isle of Man is the 10 th on the list of post areas with more men than women with nearly 4,000 more single men living alone there than single women.

Table 3: Top 20 Post Areas for female singles living alone

Geographical Distribution (Post Area) More Females Than Males
1 G Glasgow 39,760
2 BT Belfast 30,278
3 EH Edinburgh 25,096
4 L Liverpool 19,551
5 S Sheffield 15,531
6 B Birmingham 15,388
7 SA Swansea 15,304
8 CF Cardiff 15,236
9 SE London SE 14,076
10 NG Nottingham 13,357
11 LL Wrexham 13,306
12 ML Motherwell 13,085
13 BD Bradford 12,278
14 TS Cleveland 12,177
15 NE Newcastle Upon Tyne 11,524
16 DD Dundee 10,938
17 KA Kilmarnock 10,785
18 KY Kirkcaldy 10,785
19 DN Doncaster 10,283
20 BN Brighton 9,649

Table 4: Top 20 Post Areas for male singles living alone

Geographical Distribution (Postal Area) More Males Than Females
1 RG Reading 10,711
2 ME Rochester 9,457
3 CM Chelmsford 7,990

W London W

5 HP Hemel Hempstead 5,624
6 BR Bromley 5,425
7 RH Redhill 5,155
8 AL St.Albans 5,047
9 LU Luton 4,280
10 IM Isle of Man 3,806
11 MK Milton Keynes 3,511
12 EN Enfield 3,338
13 UB Uxbridge 3,287
14 WN Wigan 3,253
15 SW London SW 3,209
16 TW Twickenham 3,095
17 JE Jersey 3,048
18 TN Tunbridge Wells 2,883
19 SN Swindon 2,746
20 NW London NW 2,590

John Dobson , Managing Director of EuroDirect comments about this research:

“While our Singles Report is foremost designed to assist marketers to better target campaigns with accurate profiling of key segments of society, the data also provides interesting sociological insights into the very fabric of life in the UK. For many people, living alone is a lifestyle choice, but for others it is perhaps a situation they would prefer not to be in. By identifying the Post Areas where the UK ‘s singles living alone are located and the areas with the greatest amount of disparity between the genders this report might be able to help more than just marketers find who people want to connect with most.”

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