Get serious about relationships!

Whether we are in our 20s and 30s or 70s and 80s (or somewhere in between!) God wants us in relationships with others. It is through our relationships that he blesses us. This includes relationships with our families, our church, our community, and of course a close intimate relationship with one other person. Sometimes this last one is the hardest to achieve. But why is this?

It’s easy to think ‘God wants to bless me so I’ll sit back and let him’ but sadly blessings don’t often come that way. Have you heard the phrase ‘God helps those who helps themselves’? It’s so often true! Finding someone to have an intimate committed relationship with is the same. We have to work at it – whatever our age! In fact we have to work as if it all depended on us, while praying as if it all depended on God.

Since 1999, God has been using the organisation friendsfirst to help all types of single Christians meet other Christians for friendship and relationships. With the emphasis on friendship, the organisation provides a great way of meeting new people, who are all Christian and who are also investing seriously in themselves and their future.  If you think it’s time you made a difference in your life, or helped God to answer your prayers, then you should contact Katharine Gray, or Patricia the membership manager at friendsfirst on 0121 427 1286 for more details. friendsfirst is a national organisation, providing a very personalised, confidential and successful service.  You can also find out more about their service from their information-only website www.friends1st.co.uk or write for a brochure to PO Box 4853, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 1FZ.

God has a promising future for you (Jeremiah 29:11) – will you go out and get it?

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

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How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book