Long term commitment is a concept that is becoming less and less ‘fashionable’ in our society today, which is perhaps why we celebrate silver, golden and ruby wedding anniversaries with great delight.  2010 marks the 10th birthday of the Christian friendship and dating agency –friends1st – who have been faithfully serving the UK Christian community for 10 years, putting single Christians of all types and ages in touch with each other and seeing many fruitful relationships develop as a result. (You might have heard about them on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme on St. Valentine’s Day)

Katharine Gray from friends1st wrote to tell us the news of their birthday and a bit of their history. “When I started friends1st little did I know that it would grow into something so significant, be able to employ staff and change so many people’s lives. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the whole project was directed by God and has been a great blessing from Him.”

Her staff continue to dominate the uniqueness of the organisation. “I have no doubt that it’s the staff that have made the organisation what it is – we have always put great emphasis on being available to our members and doing all that we can to make sure each membership is a success.”

“And then of course all the positive feedback has kept us going. We still whoop with joy when people ring us up to tell us they have got or are getting married or have met someone really special. There’s no ‘job satisfaction’ in the world like it I don’t think – and of course the bigger we get, the more often it happens. Hallelujah.”

Since Katharine began friends1st the ‘dating’ industry has changed massively – not least as the internet has grown and internet dating sites and social networking sites have become they realised that for members, having someone to talk to, to be encouraged by (and sometimes pushed by!) makes all the difference. It’s the personal touch that no amount of technology can replace. It’s this personal service which has helped the business to grow year on year and why many members either renew their membership or come back after a break.

In an average month friends1st now provides around 3500 individual matches. They’ve provided a staggering 160,000 matches in total which is really quite mind boggling when you think of it.

The organisation has exciting plans for the future – but one thing remains – and that’s their commitment above all to their members – to encouraging and helping them to find what they are looking for – whether that’s new friends or someone special. After 10 years, they have certainly proved their faithfulness in this area.

If you are single, whether young or old, and would like to find someone special who shares your Christian faith, then perhaps you should get in touch with friends1st too and let them help you find your soul mate. They are easy to talk to and very confidential. For an informal chat about membership ring Katharine Gray on 0121 427 1286 or look at their website www.friends1st.co.uk.

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book

“I have been glad to meet a range of people – and have been shown respect, integrity and honesty by them all.”

(Gleyns, Teacher)

Thank you for all your encouragement, letters etc. The work you do brings so much new happiness to many, and I hope that continues for many years to come.

(Julia, Administrator)

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How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!How to be the one book