Dating Books

Below are our 4 fabulous dating books to help you on your journey and to ensure you have the necessary tools and skills to find your  partner. These books (the ones relevant to your marital status) are included with each of our membership packages or you can click on them to purchase them individually if you aren’t a member yet.

Dating Books

I found the FSS Toolkit very helpful. I woke up thinking how on earth am I going to read through this lot? Then I started, and I read and read […]


“ I love talking to you. You are so understanding ”

(Diana, Auxiliary Nurse)

“Dear Katherine, a testimonial, thought it was a touch soon , but here we go.  I was very sceptical about joining , as one hears so much about the goings […]

(Martin 68 Wales)

‘Thank you for being so helpful and constructive’

(Christine, Proof reader)

Dear Katharine. I just want to thank you for your emails.  I am not a member of Friends First but have perused the site a few times.  My husband and […]

(Maria )

Friends First have been a source of light to me. My daughter is going through a difficult divorce and, thanks you, I am able to be strong for her.

(Jan 84 Retired Pharmacist)

Thank you for your email.. I am very much looking forward to our next Dating Academy meeting on November 3rd! Meantime, I have been wanting to ask you if it […]


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