Christian daters

Disappointment – Christian Daters Rise Up and Step Out!

Christian daters, sit up and take notice! Once we step into the valley of dating disappointment, we can end up spending quite a long time there. Disappointment is a long valley, one where we can stay for years if we’re not careful or mindful of God’s plans for us. If you have descended into the deep valley of disappointment remember that yesterday has gone, today is here, and tomorrow is coming – and has opportunities of its’ own. It’s not always wise to ask God to take away the pain but it is good to ask Him to use it for His purposes. Christian daters can use it to prepare and propel us into what He has for us tomorrow. 

 From the depths of the valley, if we look up, we will see the pathway by which He is leading us up and out, we will catch a glimpse of His goodness as we start to ascend, anticipating the view that will be revealed once we reach the top. But first as Christian daters we must arise, start moving forward, start climbing and persevering, and leave the dust behind. Eventually we will reach the top and then we’ll wonder why on earth we spent so long in the valley! God never wastes anything, but also, He doesn’t want us to waste our precious life thinking about the disappointments of the past. He wants us to trust Him enough to look up, stand up, rise up, and move on up and out into all that He has for us – and it’s good!!  

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