The A to Z of Christian Dating

 S is for Seasons

If you’ve been searching for a relationship and begin to date someone you really like, there’s a tendency to want to press the fast forward button and accelerate your commitment to the relationship. And pressure to do this may be even stronger the older you are. That is quite understandable but beware.

My mother gave me some great advice when it came to relationships. “See out all the seasons” she said “before you make any serious decisions about this relationship. And she was quite right.

You see people can be quite different when the sun is shining, everyone is happy, holidays are looming and ‘life is easy’. Contrast that with dark winter nights, cold and bad weather and you may have a very different person on your hands.

Seeing someone through the year (through all the seasons) also gives you time to really get to know them.

I was with a friend recently who lives in Gloucestershire and is dating someone from his home town in Ireland. He comments that he like it way because before she comes to visit he can make sure everything is tidied up, his house is in order and he’s well prepared for the visit. That’s all very well but she’s never going to see the real him like that is he? I suspect normally his house is a bit of   mess, and he often works late nights and gets home tired and hungry.

If this relationship is going to last, she needs to see him when he’s tired, when his house is in a mess, and when he’s home late. Then she’ll begin to see the real him – the him that’ll be most around if and when they get married.

So if you are in the early stages of a relationship take your time. You may be in a rush to put rings on each other’s fingers but, however old you are, just wait a little, see out all 4 seasons and I assure you, you’ll be very glad you did.