Membership Enhancements

All our memberships consist of an inclusive package of services and benefits. However if the membership level you have choosen doesn’t include everything you want, you can always add on extra benefits here.

Add additional photographs

All our membership packages include at least 2 photographs – but we strongly recommend putting up to six onto your profile

You can select to add on 1, 2 or 3 photographs – each photograph added costs £15

Add 4 additional photos

Add 3 additional photos

Add 2 additional photos

Add 1 additional photo

Enhance your profile

Would you like your profile to stand out from the crowd? Are you confident that you are really putting yourself across in the right way? We have found that when we talk to members there’s far more to them than they’ve put on their profile form – things that are really interesting and significant just haven’t been mentioned or given the focus they deserve. We’d like to help you make a really great profile – and we can do this by having a 30 minute telephone interview with you where we find out about you, your life and your interests in more detail based on the information you’ve given us on your original form. From this interview we then write up a fuller and more in depth profile which sets you apart from other members and gives you the uniqueness you deserve. This service costs £85

Video profile

Seeing someone’s profile in print is one thing – but the truth is that most of us can’t be summed up in a few short lines of text (or even a tome!).  We now offer a video profile service whereby you can have a short recorded video of yourself which other members will be able to access through our website when they receive your profile (in which will be contained your unique password protected code to get the video to play). Having a video profile of yourself allows you to get a true essence of yourself over to other members. This is what one member had to say of it.  “I was contacted by a member who was sent my profile and he said he’d seen my video profile and ‘had to contact me’! So we met up last Friday and got on well so we will probably meet up again. I feel doing the video profile is well worth doing.”  Your video is totally secure and can only be accessed by people who receive your profile details through the post. Your video profile is not accessible in any other way. This service costs £45

A personalised friendsfirst email

A personalised friendsfirst email address allows others to send you email direct to your personal inbox but without your revealing your email address on your profile. It gives you added confidentiality without reducing your accessibility and ease of contact by other members. Include a friendsfirst email address for £15

Dating Masterclass

Our Dating Masterclass is for people who really want to make sure that they are in the best place they can be to make their membership and dating journey a success. It comprises a postal mailing every month for 12 months in which you’ll receive a written tutorial on a key ‘dating’ subject – things for you to consider, learn from and ways to adapt to make sure you are successful in finding what you’re looking for.  £180

Bi monthly meetings arranged for you

For some members, getting out and meeting lots of other members can be hard – for whatever reason. Maybe you haven’t got the time to arrange it all, or maybe picking up the phone and asking someone whether they’d like to meet you is a bit daunting. Well let us do the hard work for you. With this service (included as standard in our Platinum Plus membership) we’ll ring you to discuss and review with you the profiles you’ve received, and then arrange meetings with someone of your choice. It’s a great way to massively increase the numbers of people you meet during your membership and one of these meetings could be with just the person you are looking for. £270

Bi weekly motivation email

Make sure you stay 100% focused on the goal you’re looking to reach by joining us. Don’t get side tracked or disheartened if you don’t find Mr or Miss Right on Day 1. With this service you’ll get Katharine’s bi weekly dropping into your inbox on a Monday to keep you energised and focused, giving you great idea’s, pauses for thought and plenty to keep you motivated. £50


Be a Featured Member in Cloudnine

Worried your profile isn’t reaching the maximum number of people it could because some members may be choosing only to receive profiles of people in a very narrow age band? The way round this is to have your details distributed to all our members through our Cloudnine newsletter.  To ensure you get the best looking page we’ll give you a professional photo shoot first (with up to five pictures going on your profile) and then your profile will be rewritten (so it reads right in the magazine)  and displayed as a full page in our Cloudnine newsletter .  £150


Communications Critique
Get the results you really want from your communications with other members

The first impression you make when you contact another member is so very important. You only have one go at making a first impression and we want to make sure yours is the best it can be!

If the first impression you give isn’t the best it could be you are probably damaging your chances of friendship.  You may think you are doing the right thing contacting other members by letter or email, but if these communications are a ‘turn off’ or don’t generate sufficient reason to respond (and we do see emails and letters that are badly written and lack interest) then you may well be wasting your time, as you certainly won’t be getting the response from the other person that you want.

Evaluating our own actions is hard. We think we’re writing a good letter or email but in reality there might be lots of small but simple improvements that could be made that would make the world of difference.

Now for the first time, we are offering you the chance to have any piece of communication you intend to send to another member, professionally critiqued by Katharine Gray – our Director who has 21 years of experience helping people make friends and long term relationships successfully. She’ll tell you what’s good, bad or downright ugly about your letter or email and help you get it right – making it more interesting, making sure you create a fabulous first impression and get the results you want.

Order this service, send in your proposed letter or email to another member and we’ll return them to you (within 10 days), fully critiqued with all you need to know so that your communications truly do get the results you want.     £50

1:1 with  Katharine

  • Have you been single for a while?
  • Are you wondering whether dating is right for you?
  • Are you new to the dating scene?
  • Are you finding it all a bit hard to work out what to do for the best?
  • Do you sense you have an emotional/historical or spiritual blockage that is stopping you finding your soul mate?
  • Do you need someone to guide you?

Whether you’ve been dating for a while and trying different methods of finding a soul mate – or have just dipped your toe into the water, or you’re not sure whether you should even try it,  dating can be nerve wracking as well as a minefield of emotions and experiences. You may or may not have friends and family to share your heart with, but they are unlikely to be skilled in this area and the advice they’ll give you may not always be the best for you – or they may not be able to say what you really need to hear.

Having an independent and very experienced professional to talk to can make all the difference.

Whether you are a member of friendsfirst or not you can now book a 1:1 consultation with Katharine Gray – the friendsfirst Director who has 17 years experience of helping members successfully find their soulmate.

All consultations are done by telephone. Once you have booked a consultation, you will be sent information to help you (and us) prepare for your consultation.  A specific time will be arranged with you for the consultation to take place.

  • Book a 10 minute 1:1     This is a very short time but can be used to address a specific problem.   £30

  • Book a 20 minute 1:1  In  20 minutes we can address more than one issue. A short plan of action can be made to help you on your way.   £60

  • Book a 30 minute 1:1     A number of issues can be covered in half an hour or one issue covered in more detail.   £90

  • Book a 60 minute 1:1    This is sufficent time to really address a problem, to explore a number of issues in detail, and /or make a detailed plan of action.   £180

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Start your Education

Find out where all the single Christians are and how you can meet them

The free video course