Setting goals
I don’t know if it’s anything to do with living in the 21st Century but it seems as if most of us lead incredibly busy lives. Some of you will have heard me saying “a quieter day is not coming” and I truly believe that is the case. Now, if I really believe that then I have to structure my life somehow to get the things done I want… and not keep putting them off for another day – with that erroneous mantra of “I’ll do that when I have a bit of time”.

I’ve learnt an important lesson in the last six months (and I only learnt it by living it, as I’d heard it all before) and that is: if you want to get something done, set yourself a goal and a deadline to do it in.

There is no doubt that I have achieved more in the last six months of running friendsfirst that I have in the past 12 years. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? but I really think it’s true. We have been so busy and yet we have got so much done. I haven’t achieved this because I’ve had more time – it’s purely been done because I set myself a goal  – I was going what I wanted to achieve done within 6 months exactly – and, give or take 7 days, I got there!

It feels absolutely amazing to have achieved so much and the reason I’m telling you about it is because the number of times people tell us that they’ll join, or get round to going out to meet new people when they are less busy, is uncountable. Before they know it months and months have flown by and they’ve made no progress in their personal lives.

So don’t wait for a “bit of time” to start acting on this area of your life. If you’re like me then taking this approach will mean it just won’t happen. Far better to set yourself a goal – for example “I’m going to do something different in my life that’ll enable me to meet 10 new eligible Christians between now and (your own set) date”.

By having these goals yourself (and even better written down and shared with someone else to whom you can be accountable) you will find it much easier to structure your time and life to achieve them.  And I assure you when you do achieve them (as you will) the feeling you get will be fantastic – and given the nature of these goals, achieving them could well be life changing!

P.S If you’d like some help goal setting for your personal life, in a really meaningful way, or for idea’s of how you can meet other eligible single Christians, pick up the phone and give us a ring. We can certainly help you.