Joanne from London asks……

I’m not sure whether I want to include my telephone number and personal email address on my profile at this point. What do you recommend?

Lori says…….

We’d always recommend making it as easy as possible for other people to contact you Joanne – which means giving them the choice of methods to contact you – i.e. including your telephone number and an email address on your profile. We do hear quite frequently that someone hasn’t contacted another member because there wasn’t a telephone number or email address on the profile. Obviously everyone has a box number for letter writing but this does take a lot more effort.

It’s understandable that you might not want to put a home telephone number on your profile – especially if you don’t live alone, but a mobile is a bit different and we’d always recommend using that as your telephone number.

And as for email, if you don’t want to include your personal email, then why not opt to have a friends1st email address which enables people to write emails to you, without you having to give out your personal email address. This is a really safe and secure option and well worth trying.

At the end of the day, you do want people to contact you don’t you? Wouldn’t it sad to learn that you’d missed the chance of being contacted just because you hadn’t made it possible for others to contact you in a reasonably easy way.