Should you pay or split dinner

Three little dating etiquette tips that go a long way.


Good etiquette is incredibly important when you are getting to know someone.

It’s essential to make a good impression when getting to know someone. You should always be honest and be yourself, but at the most basic level, demonstrate good manners and dating etiquette. Here are a few pointers from Friends1st – UK’s no.1 Christian dating agency – that while simple and small, can make a real difference.

Who pays?

The eternal question when having a dinner date. Generally if you have instigated the date it’s polite to offer, you probably picked the restaurant after all. If the other person wants to contribute you may insist. If they still would like to pay their way you have two choices: either, split the bill or, if things are gig well, make a deal about an after dinner drink elsewhere that they pay for. Whatever you choose remember to be humble and subtle, money can be a sensitive issue & after all, it’s just a bill.

Timing is everything.

It’s small but be on time. Imagine how you’d feel if your date was late. Like a job interview – if you are late, it looks like you are not committed from the start.

Have a good attitude

If someone has asked you on a date they may well have stepped out of their comfort zone to do so. So if you say yes, make sure you arrive with an open mind and put your best foot forward. Even if it has been a long week, be excited that someone wants to meet you.

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