Searching for like-minded single Christian men can be a struggle. If our churches were packed full of them, organisations like ours would obviously not exist. It is a sad reality that the numbers of ‘obvious’ Christian men in the ‘church’ today seem many less than the numbers of Christian women. But that doesn’t mean lovely Christian men are not out there. They are (and many are on our books)! It just  means you have to look a bit harder. That is the reality – and don’t let anyone else tell you anything different!

Single Christian Men

The Difficulty Of Trying To Meet Single Christian Men

Finding a compatible partner can be a challenge. It is even harder if you want to find someone who shares your Christian faith. And if you are looking for that genuine faith filled Christian man, it can sometimes feel worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.  Even if you know and stand on God’s amazing promises for your life and future, it is totally understandable that you may have times when it feels like meeting the right person will never happen.  Our churches are not filled with hundreds of eligible single men and those men we meet outside of church don’t go round with a sticker on their forehead saying SINGLE and CHRISTIAN!

So What Should You Do If You Want To Meet Single Christian Men? Look no further

Trying to meet Christian men can feel like a hopeless journey if you simply rely on meeting them at church or being introduced to one by your married friends. What you have to do is ‘hang out’ in places where they are hanging out. That is easier said than done, unless you join an organisation like friends1st.

We are pleased to tell you we have lots of men on our books. Now let’s be honest here. Not all of the lovely men on our books are going to be your ‘cup of tea’. But then you are only looking for that ‘one’ aren’t you? – and if you join us, we are going to do our level best to help you find him (as we have done for hundreds of other women who have joined us down the years and who are now married. You can read some of their stories here.)  If you read some of the stories of women who have got married through us, you will discover it was not all plain sailing for them. Finding the right Christian man is not always easy. But they key thing with friends1st is that we will support you all the way, and do all we can to make your journey as positive and beneficial as possible. Dating doesn’t have to be hard (although if you do things in the wrong way it often is – which again we will help you NOT to do) but with the right knowledge, the right skills and the right support it can be joyful. We are here to ensure it as a good a journey for you as possible. 

Finding A Christian Man Starts With A First Step

Start your journey today with a first step, which thousands of other single Christians have already taken before you. Complete the form on this page or call us today. This may just be the step God has been waiting for you to take to enable him to answer your prayers. Then explore the rest of our site. There are plenty of free resources for you to access, and information to help you decide if joining us is right for you at this point of your life.

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