Standing out from the crowd

May 9, 2013 | Tips for Christian dating | 0 comments


I don’t need to tell you that in the dating world, there is masses of choice and sometimes it feels  it’s hard to get yourself seen and noticed by the right people (or in your case the right person). Well the truth is, it isn’t hard to get seen and noticed……. if you do the right things.

This point has been beautifully illustrated recently by Air Zealand and it’s worth studying what they’ve done and applying it to your dating journey.

Everyone who’s ever been on a plane knows how boring the safety talk is. If you’ve flown more than once, you probably don’t listen to what comes over the tannoy before your flight takes off – however much the crew try to persuade you to do so. It’s just too boring and you’ve heard it all before. And yet from the airlines point of view, it is really important that they get you to listen to it (in the same way that in the dating world, getting someone to pay attention  to you rather than someone else is really important).

Air Zealand knew they had to do something radically different to what everyone else was doing if they were going to get their customers to listen to their safely briefing. And here’s what they’ve done. Check out their 4 minute video by clicking on this link    https://youtu.be/cBlRbrB_Gnc

Now what I find amazing is that not only is this video a hit on their planes – but it’s had over 10 million hits on youtube. This is a safety video we’re talking about – the thing people won’t watch when they are on a plane – and yet here are over 10 million people watching it when they aren’t on a plane.

If this is what a big successful company like Air New Zealand are doing, then it’s worth sitting up and noticing.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want people to take notice of the communications you’re sending out? If so, BE DIFFERENT, do something different; do something original. It’s not hard – it just needs some thought.