Steve asks.....

Steve in Cornwall asks about profiles ….

Why do some of the members, whose profiles I receive, already have my information and some not? Will you send me details of other people’s profiles if they contact me, before I receive their details?

Sarah says…..

This is a question that we are frequently asked, and although we explain this to every new member when they join, there is a lot of information to take in at that time. I am delighted to have the chance to explain how this works.

There are several factors which come into play when we are sending profiles out to our members, and these include the membership package they are on, and the month in which they joined us. Our membership packages have the option to receive a profile mailing from us either once a month (Platinum), every other month (Gold) or every three months (Silver). This may create a situation where a Platinum member, for instance, might receive details of a Silver member more quickly, rather than the other way around, as a result of the frequency of mailing received. The month of joining plays a part too so that, of two members who join in February and April, for instance, the April member could possibly receive the profile of the February member before it has been sent the other way around. However, across the length of your membership, we will send you details of ALL the members who fall into your specified age range, and we will send your profile out to other members EVERY month, no matter which membership package you have joined us on.

When you join friendsfirst you receive a copy of your own profile to approve, and this is then for you to use as you see fit. A lot of members have copies of this to hand, which they can then send to potential new friends as a way of introducing themselves. Using your profile this way allows you to make contact without having to worry too much about what to say the first time – you can just add to the information already on your profile. We can of course send our profiles out individually if requested, however this service carries an administration fee for each profile sent. Rather than getting your profile sent from me here at HQ, how much nicer for the recipient to receive a lovely letter or email from you, with your details and a few personal words. You’d feel the same wouldn’t you?

I hope that helps Steve. Please keep sending your questions in.