The 3 Date rule single couple drinking coffee together

The 3 Date Rule

“I had been single for a couple of years and had become fed up of being on my own.  However, I wasn’t sure I wanted to embark on another relationship that never actually went anywhere.  So, I decided to take positive action and felt that Friends1st could be the solution I was looking for.  On balance I figured that people with this agency would probably be serious about finding a serious relationship.

After joining, I received a welcome pack which contained quite a lot of information.  One particularly interesting document was giving dating tips which I felt was trying to teach me how to suck eggs.  After all I had dating quite a bit in my time so, did I really need to be taught how to date? But then, I was single so perhaps my techniques were not actually working, and besides, I was paying for the service, so why pay for something and not use it?  So, I decided to follow the advice given.

After having made contact with a Friends1st member we arranged to go for a coffee.  It was quite strange, meeting up with someone you do not know and hoping that the conversation does not dry up.

The date went well; however, I did not feel that it would go any further.  Then again, the advice was to go for at least three dates.  So, we arranged to meet up the following week, again I still felt the same.  On the third date however, things changed.  It could be that we had had time to get to know each other more, and were more relaxed, but whatever it was, things had changed.

I am now embarking on the start of a wonderful and promising relationship which would never have happened had I not followed the advice.  And wow, am I thrilled.

So do follow the advice given.  Take all the dating tips that Friends1st give you and do go on at least three dates to truly know if that is the right person for you, because you could regret it.


Written by Nina from Crowborough