The Dating Academy

The Dating Academy

I’m really excited to be starting the Dating Academy our 5th in February 2019. This year we are holding the Academy in Oxford, and we have a great group of people who will be participating in it. These lovely people are all people who have decided that they want to focus in a very determined way on finding their life partner. They may or may not be members of friends1st (although most – though not all – are) – that is not as important as being focused on their life goal – which is this case is to find a partner. We have both genders attending and a wide mix of ages. Because whether you are in your 20s or 80s, it really doesn’t matter – that God inspired desire to find a companion does not change with age.

There is nothing so powerful as focusing on a particular part of your life – and doing so with the support of an experienced mentor and in the presence of a group of like minded individuals. One the most powerful things about our Dating Academy is the accountability you get from the group. Yes the group support each other – and make great friends with each other along the way – but the accountability is key. It really makes a difference because if you say you are going to do something and then don’t do it, the group won’t be impressed.

What we find that is that people who participate in the Academy find their dating experience changes – and of course for the better. It’s partly as they take more action but that in itself is a result of their right thinking, which is a result of what they come to learn through the Academy. You see many people think Dating is easy – but if that is the case, then why are so many single people still floundering around, trying one site after another and staying single. We know why and it’s one of the big things we address and resolve on the Academy.

So if you are serious about finding someone to share your life with, and you haven’t been having much success doing it on your own, and you recognise that having someone – and a supportive group – could make a difference all the difference, then get in touch and we can discuss your suitability for joining the Academy.

The Dating Academy is a year long programme – comprising 4 all day Saturday meetings spread out throughout the year. It also includes a half day face to face with me on your own. It’s not cheap – but then nothing of great value is. To find out more give me a ring on 0121 405 0675 and ask to speak to Katharine Gray.