All relationships have to have one — the first date.

As the UK’s no.1 offline Christian introduction agency, we know what makes a great date.

Even in this age of social media and internet dating romance is still a very offline pursuit. There ultimately comes a time when you will have to meet the person you have been taking to and see if you are truly compatible.

So, where do you go for your “first date”– a cinema? A restaurant? A park? 

As Friends1st is the UK’s no.1 offline Christian introduction agency this is specialty of ours. Generally you will have to gage the interests of the other party based on what you know about them already, but when the time comes to meet, here are some of our ideas.

Take a cooking class together

Here’s one you may not have considered but could be a good icebreaker. It levels the playing  field as you are both learning, and it is also an opportunity to have fun and create together.

The great outdoors

There is nothing like enjoying a stroll in picturesque countryside. Depending on where you are it will be a quiet, private time to get to know your date and the scenery can fill in any gaps in conversation.


If you have the time why not arrange to meet for brunch in a city between you. That way you can extend the date into the afternoon if it’s going well. Also, in a city you are both less familiar with you can explore & experience some new things together.

The Theatre

Less predictable than the cinema, and an opportunity to dress up a little. Pick something you’ll both love and there will be plenty of things to discuss in the intermission.

There are just a few ideas for the inevitable, first date. Have fun and don’t be afraid to get out there! If you have any great first date ideas, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

For more advice on finding romance with other Christians please contact us directly on 0121 371 0384 or email info@friends1st.co.uk.

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