Old fashioned dating tips for new age gentlemen.

When it comes to courtship a lot has changed: how we meet our partners, how we communicate, and the type of activities we do together. Throughout these shifts, the role and appreciation of “the gentleman” have never wavered.

Here are 4 tips from the UK’s leading offline Christian introduction agency to bring out your inner gentleman.

Greet your date with a token of your affection

A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, the list goes on. We all love presents, especially when they are unexpected. Start your date off on the right foot, surprise them with a nice gesture.

Be smart

Not just in your conversation but a tidy, sharp look shows that your care about your appearances, like to look after yourself, and have made an effort.

It will open doors

It’s basic but open doors for your date, show them through, take their coat, and pull out their chair for them. These show you are caring and polite – a gentleman with class.

Offer to pay

This is a respectable gesture. You may find that your date insists on paying their part. Offer again and if they insist further come to some arrangement. Don’t end your date arguing about something as pointless as a bill.

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