the path of life

The Path Of Life

There’s a lovely verse in Psalm 16:11, which says simply, ‘You will show me the path of life;’. Jesus’ own life gives us a pattern to follow in many ways. He was born into a family, tended by parents, had brothers and sisters, learnt a trade and earned a living, and gathered around Him a community of friends. At some stage He discovered the calling on His life and then fulfilled it to the best of His ability. It wasn’t always easy and along the way there were difficult decisions to be made. But at the end He had fulfilled His calling and purpose. Jesus opened the ‘Good’ way through His own life and death into eternal life as the forerunner of the redeemed.
Jesus also is the Path of Life, He is the Light of the World that illuminates the path that we should take. That path will be completely unique to each one of us and different from everyone else’s. We are uniquely made and gifted with different constraints to follow a unique path for a unique calling. There are different seasons to the calling, it may change over time. The thing we must do is keep checking in with God that we are on His path and not our own, and ask Him to prepare and equip us for changes ahead. If we stick close to Jesus and follow where He leads, we won’t miss the path, or the works (Eph 2:10), that God has prepared for us. 

With thanks to Marianne at the Christian Gift Company for this reflection.

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