The power of images

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Today I want you to consider the first impressions your profile photographs are making.

Firstly I trust you have five photographs on your profile!

If you haven’t got five photographs on your profile it’s like going to church or a social gathering with a bag over your head.

And please don’t tell me that you are not photogenic or can’t get any photographs taken. This is not true. Everyone – and I meant everyone can have a nice photograph taken. And in today’s world of  mobile phone cameras and photographic studios on every high street, getting a photograph taken is really easy.

So if you haven’t got five photographs on your profile stop making excuses and get them done and sent to us. (If you’re really really stuck, ring us and we’ll happily help sort this out for you).

If you have got five photos on your profile – well done. Now how do they look? Is at least one a recent one of you? Do the others portray you doing things in your life that will pique other people’s interest?

It’s quite hard to evaluate your own photographs so we would recommend asking a friend for their objective opinion. Or of course we’ll happily give you ours.

But please do take a moment to review your profile photographs. They do make a strong statement and first impression – and you do want to make this as good as possible.

This is our last email before Christmas so here’s wishing you a very happy one – I trust you will be blessed by knowing ever more deeply the love of God shown to us through the incarnation of his Son.

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