The power of prayer

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Christian Dating and faith | 0 comments


It’s a far call from my job here as Director of friendsfirst to tell you what or how to live your Christian life so please don’t take what I’m saying below the wrong way.

However, as a Christian I do know the power of prayer and as a Christian it’s a wonderful ‘resource’ openly available to us to help us in our lives.

Are you praying about your situation? I’m sure you are but just in case you aren’t – or if it’s slipped off your list of priorities, this is just a gentle judge to remind you at cast all your cares, worries, hopes and dreams on the Lord – put them to God in the sure knowledge that He listens and cares for you.

We know from experience here at friendsfirst that  God answers prayers – there are many wonderful testimonies about this – so I just want to encourage you today to lift your heart and all your dreams for your friendsfirst membership to God. Tell him how you feel, tell him your deepest desires, ask him for His help and let Him be part of this journey with you.

You are in our prayers, please keep us in yours.