Silence of God - men praying
When we long for an answer to prayer, Gods silence does not calm us. Nor does it inform us gently of His presence or ask us to wait in quiet anticipation. Instead, in the silence we begin to lose hope of ever hearing God- there is nothing, not a breath or a distant footstep to reassure us.
If we know we are living in a way that honours God and that we are earnestly seeking Him, it may be that God is asking us to hear the silence in a new and different way. Often He asks that we wait, not for something to happen, or for an answer. But just to wait. In that waiting there is trust and in that trust there will be a deepening of relationship. And, eventually, in that silence there will be God.
It’s not easy. In times of pain or times of struggle it can feel that you have perhaps lost touch with God. But however frustrating it feels, Gods silence may be a privilege- the most intimate and loving of answers – drawing you nearer to Him.
(adapted from a writing for a daily devotional by Wendy Bray)