The true ‘man of steel’….

by | Mar 28, 2011 | Encouragement for men - how to be a diamond geezer | 0 comments


“ The true ‘man of steel’ has a ‘heart of gold’”– Mike Breen

If we want to know what we are truly like, we need to look inside.

A lump of coal can look quite big and impressive, pretty tough. But put it under a bit of pressure and it will crumble. Expose it to heat and it will burn. Too often we are content with the outward show of looking like we’ve got it all together but knowing  inside it’s a different story.

Coal looks impenetrable, but when you examine it close enough you can see it is actually full of holes. Pick up your paper today and you’ll be able to read the stories of the coal men: sporting heroes hanging their heads in the gossip column, business tycoons and politicians unable to resist that shady deal. Integrity and reputations lies in tatters, families in ruins. A coalman has nothing at his centre but emptiness.

There is a better way for us to live passionately and positively- as a perfect man (under construction!).

Being a diamond geezer means living gloriously as a man, the way you were meant to live, with nothing to prove, nothing to hide and everything to live for.