Susan from Woking asks…… 

I’m getting sent profiles of members that live quite a distance from me. Why is this and what do you suggest I do about it?

Nick says……

One of the commonest things that we get asked is how many people live in a person’s local area. When members are considering people to contact, with a view to possibly meeting, then obviously this is an important consideration. But, in our experience, the people that get the maximum benefit from their friendsfirst membership are the members who consider the widest number of people they can.

We’re all unique, and just as we wouldn’t like to think that somebody overlooked meeting us because of a particular trait, characteristic or hobby that we had in our profile, the rejection is just as real if it is because of where we live! People often join friendsfirst precisely because they’ve exhausted the opportunities of meeting somebody suitable in their church or their local area and they’ve decided to broaden their horizons.

We recommend to our members all the time that they do indeed contact people they feel they could make a connection with, regardless of location, and this is why we don’t limit your contacts geographically; after all, not everyone has established roots where they’re currently living. People are more transient than they’ve ever been, frequently moving house to secure better jobs and opportunities. For exactly these reasons we often find that our families no longer live as close either, but because they are important to us, we think nothing of travelling sometimes quite considerable distances to meet them at birthdays, Christmas, etc.

So the person that you were thinking about contacting in your last group of profiles might actually have very few ties to the area they are in, and welcome the exciting possibility of moving location if they find someone special. That special person might be you! So don’t wait for them to contact you, indeed they mightn’t have received your profile this month: take action and get in contact with them! Every single friendsfirst member is looking for a special friend, and everyone loves to have someone get in touch with them: as in Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps”.

I hope that helps Susan. Please keep sending your questions in to us.